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      Fangyuan Tech (Changchun Fangyuan Opto-Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Inc.) is China’s leading provider of optical lenses, fingerprint & palm identification and fine optoelectronic devices, which was established in 1997. Our company productions have passed GB/T19001-2000(ibt9001:2000) and we are the first batch of pass GA authentication.

      Our teams have outstanding capacities in research, development and production. We have a batch of professional optical, mechanical and electronic talents. After many years of unremitting efforts, nowadays our company has high technology with the world-class level in biological recognition field.

      Fytech manufacture precision custom lens and optical components. Our capabilities include providing flexible and quick responding to requirements of small and medium batch to volume quantities. Our lenses are used in industrial precision measurement; their high performance systems can eliminate the influence of distortion.

      Fangyuan tech’s live-scanners series possess a number of patents, high-quality images can be captured for numerous applications such as access control, biometrics security, justice/Law enforcement, integrators and resellers etc.

      Our main objective is to satisfy customer’s expectations. We design and manufacture a wild rang of optical devices and services. Fytech are able to deliver superior and unmatched biometrics performance without compromise.



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