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Image Recognition Market Sees 19.7% CAGR Growth Trend: Report
Source: Publish: Time:2018-07-20

Veridos has won a 12-year, 340 million contract to provide the Bangladeshi government with next-generation passport and border control solutions, the company has announced. The contract was awarded to the company by the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

The project will revolve around the development and issuance of ePassports, with the enrollment and data management processes based on Veridos’s Imago software. Imago is designed to enable identity document creation based on a face scan, with added support for fingerprint and iris biometrics, as well as signature capture.

In a statement announcing the project, Veridos CEO Hans Wolfgang Kunz said his firm would also supply “public key infrastructure and local document production,” and that it would deploy 50 eGates designed to enable automated border control “at all international airports, seaports, and land ports in the country.”

The company’s statement also noted that Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous country, and is poised to produce “the highest output of passports with color photos worldwide.”

Veridos has considerable experience working on large-scale government projects, including activities with theMacau and Morocco governments, as well as the Canadian provincial government of Saskatchewan, in recent years.

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